You need a reliable coffee brewer to brew daily coffee. JavaSmart Coffee offers a wide variety of brewer solutions for all organization sizes. Plus, our coffee brewer program includes all service calls, annual filter changes, and replacement parts for service-related issues.


Discover the perfect coffee brewer for your organization:


Flavia Creation 500

  • Perfect for large-sized offices
  • Choose from a variety of single-serve drinks, including freshly ground coffees, real-leaf and herbal teas, premium hot chocolate, and frothy cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas

The C500 sits in my company’s main breakroom, and most employees enjoy the specialty drinks, including froth and coffee. I like the French Vanilla coffee the best.

Keurig 2500

  • Perfect for medium to large-sized businesses
  • Choose from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-oz. brew sizes

Newco 20:1 Pro Combo

  • Brews into a thermal vessel with a 1.9 liter, 12-cup capacity
  • Choose from coffee, hot tea, and iced tea

The AK-TC also sits in my company’s main breakroom, and it brews our JavaSmart Coffee day in and out. We offer eight custom blends: Classic Gourmet, Classic Roast, Colombian Supremo, Cup of Joe, Daily Grind, Morning Roast, Roast Français, and Unleaded Please.

Lavazza Classy Plus

  • Perfect for small offices and conference rooms
  • Choose from milk-based beverages, espresso, and 8-oz. coffee

The Classy Plus sits in my company’s second breakroom, and people love their shot of espresso from it in the morning.

Starbucks Serenade

  • Brews 50 8-oz. cups per hour
  • Choose from coffee, iced coffee, Tazo chai latte, and hot chocolate

Krea Necta

  • Brews up to 90 espressos per hour
  • Choose from pre-select decaff coffee, espresso, cappuccino, caffe mocha, caffe latte, chocolate, black coffee, chocomilk, white coffee, and hot water.


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