When I visit the lake or ocean, I always see plastic bottles or cups. As a matter of fact, over 30% of current global plastic waste ends up in the environment, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ “Breaking the Plastic Wave”.

If the world continues to produce plastic as usual, then, in 2040, we will send enough plastic into the ocean to cover every yard of coastline in the world with 110 pounds of plastic. Also, commitments made by governments and industries up to mid-2019 will only produce a 7% reduction in the annual plastic flow by 2040.

The world population buys 1 million plastic bottles every minute, and plastic accounts for 10% of all daily waste. 80% of all plastic bottle waste ends up in a landfill with only 20% recycled. Plastic in the environment takes up to 450 years to biodegrade.

The effects of plastic pollution spans farther than the eye can see. Marine plastic waste affects more than 800 marine species, and numerous studies found plastic particles in seafood. In addition, mismanaged plastic pollution poses considerable health risks to local communities.

The Pew Charitable Trusts strongly recommends these eight simultaneous interventions: reduce plastic production and consumption, substitute some plastics with alternatives such as paper and compostable materials, design products and packaging for recycling, expand waste collections rates in middle and low-income countries, increase recycling, develop new recycling technologies, tackle the sources of microplastics, and reduce plastic waste exports.

JavaSmart Coffee contributes to several of the above initiatives. By reducing plastic production and consumption, we could decrease plastic waste by 30%. Designing products and packaging for recycling could lead to a 20% reduction. And by substituting plastics with alternatives, we could cut plastic pollution by 17%.

We offer Emerald Brand Tree-Free and plastic-free products that are healthier for the planet and you. Their cups, lids, silverware, serve ware, and paper towels reduce plastic waste because their products come from Tree-Free and petroleum-free renewable materials like bagasse, wheat, clay, corn, and more.

Also, we launched our new JavaSmart paper cups: 10-oz. ripple hot cups and 4-oz. ripple espresso cups.


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