Coffee comes from all around the world, and different places specialize in different roasts. Light to dark roasts and everything in-between bring about a world of difference.

I prefer medium roasts, but I must confess—I drink all types of coffee. Here’s a breakdown of the different roasts:


Light roast

  • Light brown color
  • No oil on surface
  • Origin of the beans are most distinct
  • Examples:
    • Light city
    • Half city
    • Cinnamon

Medium roast

  • Medium brown color
  • Non-oily surface
  • Slightly sweeter than light roasts
  • Balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity
  • Examples:
    • City
    • American
    • Breakfast

Medium-dark roast

  • Dark brown color
  • Some oil on surface
  • Bittersweet aftertaste
  • Flavor and aroma emerge, and acidity disappears completely
  • Examples:
    • Full city

Dark roast

  • Black color
  • Oily surface
  • Significant amount of bitterness
  • Origin flavor is gone, and the flavor of the roasting process comes out the most
  • Examples:
    • High
    • Continental
    • New Orleans
    • European
    • Espresso
    • Viennese
    • Italian
    • French


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*Terminology from the National Coffee Association*

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