Hey there fellow coffee fans, Java Joe here! If you’re like me, selecting an office coffee maker can be about as overwhelming as a double shot of espresso at 6 AM! But have no fear, your favorite office coffee snob found three holy grails that may be the perfect oasis in your break room.

The Lavazza Classy PlusThe Showman

This is one machine you don’t want to sleep on – and how could you with easy operation, and six coffee selections including espresso? This machine packs a powerful punch in a small size, holding 42 oz of water for everyone in your small office to fill up their mugs first thing in the morning.

The Nespresso Momento 100The Workhorse

The Momento is an elegant machine that packs a powerful punch- both espresso and traditional coffee options and the technology to recognize inserted capsules and recommend the perfect brew! Plus, it has remote brewing controls, and modular parts for easy servicing. Don’t let its beautiful design make you think small bistro, it’s beefy enough with a 94 oz water tank to to bring coffee to a large business.

The Necta Krea TouchThe Jack Of All Trades

If you’re the kind of espresso aficionado that has to have it all, this machine is your best friend. The Krea Touch is truly a do-everything machine, with separate hoppers for ground and whole coffee beans, chai tea, french vanilla, hot cocoa, and powdered milk, giving your business tons of custom drink options. And, the drinks aren’t the only thing you can customize- on this machine, you can add a customizable menu screen with personalized messages and displays, or even change the color of the LED lighting to best fit your breakroom.

All three of these machines are currently available through JavaSmart! Have a look today and see just which is a perfect match for your business!

Have you heard the SCOOP on anything else wild in the world of coffee? Let us know in a comment!


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