These days, it is undeniable that companies and individuals alike need to do their part when it comes to minimizing the contributions to global climate change. Here are some creative ways companies around the world of coffee are reducing or offsetting their carbon footprint!

In Bristol, England, ‘For Cups Sake’ is a recycling initiative involving placing recycling bins all around the city, then repurposing discarded cups- with over 6 tons worth recycled so far! These cups are then given a second life, used in the making of paper bags, gift boxes, notebooks, and greeting cards. Accessible recycling bins have been key in the project, with their placement funded by the UK charity Hubbub, an organization focused on environmental action. Due to the success of the initiative, it is due to expand, with bins being placed in hospitals around the region.

Multiple cafes across the globe have started to ban the use of plastic-lined disposable paper cups entirely- with such players as Starbucks in Jeju, Korea, UK-based Boston Tea Party, Blue Bottle Café based out of Oakland, California, or independent cafes such as Otago Polytechnic’s Eden Café in Dunedin, New Zealand, or Tonic Lane in Sydney, Australia! With 3 in 4 coffee cups ending up in landfills annually, this is a major win for team green in curbing paper waste.

Did you know coffee grounds themselves can be recycled? Sustainability-focused decafé is a company based out of Alicante, Spain, that turns coffee grounds and recycled pods into lamps, lighting, and interior accessories. And for a real return-to-form, Berlin Germany-based Kaffeeform recycles fair-trade coffee grounds into beautifully crafted reusable coffee cups! GROUNDS by Power By Coffee is an Indianapolis-based coffee repurposing coffee grounds into great-smelling animal bedding for farms and chicken coops that can naturally deter insects.

You may be asking yourself ‘These are all very cool, but what can I do right NOW?’

Well, JavaSmart has your back! (Don’t we always?)

Emerald’s line of Commercially Compostable tree-friendly breakroom products is sustainably produced, meaning no trees chopped to produce your cutlery, cups, napkins, and bowls!

With more of the world addressing the importance of taking care of our planet, the exciting and creative ways companies do their part continue to redefine and change our world for the better.

What could happen next? As for me, I’m holding out for edible cups.


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