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  1. *Sale* Tazo Awake Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Awake Tea

    A bold breakfast tea. This eye-opening black tea blend has a full, rich flavor, with hints of dark caramel, malt and black cherries. View Product
  2. *Sale* Tazo - China Green Tea

    *Sale* Tazo - China Green Tea

    Tazo-China Green Tea View Product
  3. *Sale* Tazo-Herb Refresh Mint

    *Sale* Tazo-Herb Refresh Mint

    Tazo-Herb Refresh View Product
  4. *Sale* Tazo Zen Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Zen Tea

    Select pan-fired green tea from Shejiang province in China, artfully combined with lemongrass, spearmint, and a hint of lemon essence. View Product
  5. *Sale* Tazo Wild Orange Sweet Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Wild Orange Sweet Tea

    A full-flavored, juicy infusion of lemongrass, citrus herbs, licorice root and orange essences. View Product
  6. *Sale* Tazo Passion Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Passion Tea

    A bold infusion of exotic botanicals and tropical flowers. An explosion of hibiscus, subtle citrus, tart rose hips and a kiss of mango and passion fruit. View Product
  7. *Sale* Tazo Earl Grey Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Earl Grey Tea

    A black tea scented with the citrusy essence of bergamot from Italy. Tazo Earl grey is perfectly balanced with the slightly spicy, lavender and lemon taste of bergamot. View Product
  8. *Sale* Tazo Chai Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Chai Tea

    An exotic, spicy blend of robust, full-flavored black teas and delectable vanilla. View Product
  9. *Sale* Tazo Calm Tea

    *Sale* Tazo Calm Tea

    A comforting blend of chamomile, rose petals and other soothing herbs. View Product
  10. Starbucks Serenade

    Starbucks Serenade

    • Satisfy everyone on your team with three different varieties of Starbucks® coffee, freshly ground and brewed in about a minute
    • Enjoy additional beverage options including iced coffee (access to ice is required), TAZO® Chai Latte and hot chocolate
    • Intuitive 17″ digital display makes operation quick and easy
    • Committed to 100% ethically sourced coffee
    • Low product waste
    View Product

10 Item(s)