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Whole Bean

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  1. Cafection Encore 29

    Cafection Encore 29

    This environmentally friendly brewer meets many requirements associated with NSF certifications, which makes it a secure and easy-to-use coffee machine. Its 29 inches height makes the Encore 29 easy to maintain and its 4 inches tall legs help to keep the area clean and tidy.

    Compact does not mean compromise. That is why this high quality coffee machine offers a choice of three coffee beans and three solubles. With close to a hundred of beverages combinations, the finest gourmets will be satisfied.

    Elegant and Efficient Design

    • 29’’ height
    • 18.5’’ touch screen
    • Fits a 7.75’’ mug
    • Lighter aluminum case
    • 4’’ adjustable legs for easy clean-up under the brewer


    • Smoother grinding process (high quality grinder)
    • Noise reducing inside panel

    Easy to Fill

    • 10 lb capacity bean hopper mounted on a rail system
    • Choice of 3 soluble powder: hot chocolate, French vanilla and milk
    • Lockable products compartment for your safety
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  2. Starbucks Serenade

    Starbucks Serenade

    • Satisfy everyone on your team with three different varieties of Starbucks® coffee, freshly ground and brewed in about a minute
    • Enjoy additional beverage options including iced coffee (access to ice is required), TAZO® Chai Latte and hot chocolate
    • Intuitive 17″ digital display makes operation quick and easy
    • Committed to 100% ethically sourced coffee
    • Low product waste
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2 Item(s)