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  1. Lavit Cold Drink System

    Lavit Cold Drink System

    Introducing the single serve, cold beverage system that allows you to create still or sparkling beverages in a variety of flavors. Users insert recyclable capsules to create a variety of great tasting and healthy options. Choose individual servings of chilled, still or sparkling water with or without a flavor capsule to achieve your perfect refreshment.

    • Chilled, filtered still AND sparkling water
    • Great water, everyday: Cooler self-sanitizes
    • Custom crafted better-for-you beverages (flavored waters, teas, even iced coffee!) made from light, compact, 100% recyclable EcoCapsTM
    • Innovative “no cross contamination” Cooler design
    • Minimal space/weight/storage and no refrigeration vs. bottles and cans
    • Dimensions: 15.2" Width x 17.5" Height x 19.3" Depth

    Service Fee: $19.99 per month

    Minimum Consumable Purchase: $100 per month

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1 Item(s)