There’s been some sweet news brewing in the world of coffee! Studies have shown that the regular consumption of black coffee reduces the chance of cardiovascular failure by over 20% over those who drink no coffee at all. However, research performed by the Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China between the years 2009 and 2018 on over 170,000 participants, with an average age of 55, showed some interesting additional results.

Throughout the course of the study, there were 1725 cancer deaths among the participants, as well as 628 deaths due to cardiovascular disease- mostly among those who drank no coffee at all, with the odds of death reduced by up to 1/5th! Yet, the correlation was not strongest between black coffee and mortality, despite it being commonly thought of as the healthiest option.

Those who drank between 1.5 and 3.5 cups of coffee sweetened with sugar were over 30% less likely to die from health complications over the course of the study! Participants added around a teaspoon of sugar per cup on average. So, next time you’re brewing your morning coffee, don’t hesitate to reach for the sugar! And, JavaSmart has you covered with our selection of of high quality sweeteners.

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